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Originally Posted by thez99 View Post
Is a 5mm spacer in the rear necessary to run a 265 tire like the new mich pss's with this wheel? Or is that just to line right up with the fender? Just curious, with say a 265 PSS in the rear with the 62 offset, how much room is there between the tire and inside fender/strut? Has anyone taken any lined up pics of the wheel/tire in the front with these? Just interested if they poke outside the fenders a little like I felt my past vmr 18x8.5 et45 710's did..
No spacer is required on the rear to run a 265/35/18 super sport. Another member has that very same setup. 245 front (with camber plates) and 265 rear.

I saw you post in some of the other threads since you posted this, so you've probably seen the available photos of the 8.5" et45 fit, which has been a non issue for everyone.