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Originally Posted by HyeWarrior View Post
I seriously can't get the PAC to work with the steering wheel controls. I have no clue what I'm doing wront
See this post by me to someone else who was also having trouble with the SWC. The DIP switches on the RadioPro need to be set to Pioneer/other before powering it on. If it still doesn't work, post back with more details.
Originally Posted by Stubbie Blue View Post
Make sure the DIP switches are set on the RadioPro before you power it up. If you try to change it while it is on, it won't work properly. Just unplug the power wires, set the switches and plug it back in to restart it.

Leave the RadioPro on the default Pioneer programming in the beginning to test it, and you can customize it later. When you press a button on the steering wheel the red light on the RadioPro should come on. Then on the Joying SWC screen, some of the numbers should change to like 50 or something, and you can assign it to a function while still holding down the button.

If that doesn't work, check the wire (blue/yellow from RadioPro to brown wire of Joying) or try restarting the Joying headunit (swipe down from top and the middle icon I think).