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So can anyone show me a single turbo that is not Vishnu/FFTEC trapping over 120MPH? If any of you have any experience in drag racing, you would know that the trap speed is a better indicator of the engine performance than the ET which is a better indication of drivetrain launch capability. My WRX does 11.06 @124MPH with ~1.6 60 foot. 125+ MPH can get 10s with great launch. When this car is fully optimized it will be trapping 130+. Not many cars can trap 130 with a bolt on kit that you just fit and run. You fit the kit, and then you optimize and test and eventually you get there. Eventually you get the power and suspension/tyres right and you get a 10.

Many of you miss my point completely. It is easy to take a shot at the Vishnu kit for under-performing, but to say that next week something else will come out that is heaps better is also easy when it has not happened yet. Vishnu has found many issues and solved most of them. Whoever comes along next will have the same issues and have to solve them. Many of the issues occur on some cars and not others. It makes it difficult to diagnose an issue without access to the car with the issue. Most of the issues are not inherent flaws with the turbo hardware or the tuning, but with standard items on the car that are pushed beyond their engineered loads. As we find and solve the issues, we update our knowledge and sometimes the recommended hardware to run in conjunction with the kit.

I never said the Vishnu kit was the ultimate kit that will ever be produced. But as it stands now, it is the only kit that has done anything significant, and I think by the time the other options solve all the issues, it may be quite some time before anything else comes at a level to challenge it. Time will tell.

As for RHD.... if I could get 10 customers, I would try and arrange it. But for a few customers the development time and support would not be worth it. Advan are doing this, so I suggest RHD guys see them for their large frame turbo option.

Flinchy, you really know nothing about me, and I nothing about you. I can say that I was working on N54s well before any or your experts that you consult. I have been involved in solving all the issues we have ever had at Vishnu. I am not a mechanic. What I can see about you is that you love to trawl for biased opinions and then regurgitate them as the one and only truth and claim you are an expert. Hence why I consider you a keyboard warrior. That is great you stripped an engine. By the time you complete your build you should have some good knowledge, but it is early days now, and all your knowledge is internet research. When you actually start doing real world testing you will learn a lot.