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Originally Posted by flinchy View Post
You've been working on N54's before they were released? i'm talking about guys like terry (he says hi by the way), dzenno, and all the other mechanics etc. that are active in the community.. you're actually saying you have more experience than terry, who made the JB from the ground up, or have tuned more than dzenno (who's tuned the current most powerful twin turbo too)? woah.
Yes..... Which came first... the Procede or the JB? Do you know who was involved in the development of the Procede?

Lets leave the twin turbo out of this. Dzenno has a quick twin turbo. Vishnu had a quick twin turbo years ago. It had the record for a long time, and newer records are within 1-2 tenths ET and I think slower trap. That has got nothing to do with this discussion. The quickest ST is quicker than the quickest Twin turbo. The fact is that most Twin turbos are not nearly as quick as the quickest TT, and the same with STs. Shiv has trapped over 130 and done a 10. Another car has trapped 125 with a 12. Odds on, with tweaking, that other car will eventually trap 130 with a 10... just like any other RB car could tweaked to match Dzennos car. Not many twin turbos trapped over 120 on their first outing. I have been involved with a local car has done 124, but it took a fair bit of optimization to get there. To get the absolute best results is always more than just bolting in a kit. It requires much testing and attempts and tweaking. It has always been this way for drag racers. Most customers of this kit will not care. Most of them just want to know they can get on it on a freeway and leave their mates behind in a rolling start.

Also, the stock turbo car that trapped over 130 was running NOS. Although I find that impressive in its own right, I do not see the relevance to cars that are not running NOS. We all know NOS can make a monster out of a pretty basic engine. ST+NOS=????

The problem with your internet research is that when you read about someones opinion on a product from a company that they have an issue with and a product they have no experience with, do you expect it to be unbiased and 100% true? My problem with you is that you tarnish the name of a product by regurgitating this information that you really have no first hand experience with. You do not know if the information you put up is true, yet you don't mind taking aim at this product in a public forum based upon this information.