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Originally Posted by adrian@vishnu View Post
Yes..... Which came first... the Procede or the JB? Do you know who was involved in the development of the Procede?

Also, the stock turbo car that trapped over 130 was running NOS. Although I find that impressive in its own right, I do not see the relevance to cars that are not running NOS. We all know NOS can make a monster out of a pretty basic engine. ST+NOS=????

The problem with your internet research is that when you read about someones opinion on a product from a company that they have an issue with and a product they have no experience with, do you expect it to be unbiased and 100% true? My problem with you is that you tarnish the name of a product by regurgitating this information that you really have no first hand experience with. You do not know if the information you put up is true, yet you don't mind taking aim at this product in a public forum based upon this information.
which came first != development start date.

it's true it's a little invalid, but just because... ehhh i can't be bothered finishing that sentence. ST + nos will be cool to see fo sho.

and yeah it's not really entirely valid comparing Dzenno's setup either, as he has a ported head and compression lowering head gasket (fwiw, he probably left 10-20hp+ on the table before his driveshaft broke..).. it's valid to the point that it's an alternative to an ST kit.. while not an ST kit itself.

But its not research just to do with companies, or company bias, i don't care about procede vs jb vs cobb, i don't really care about the vishnu/FFTEC ST... I'm just correcting things as i see them...

the people WITH first hand information are the ones 'tarnishing', i do in fact, yes, repeat what they say.. this is how the world works, until you can get some positive information on a product you've heard nothing but negatives about.. and in this case ALSO the tactics and attitudes of the entire company.. that's how it stays.. the ST kit has a bad reputation with the greater N54 community, you just can't see on this forum because most negative-comments are deleted, and the posters banned. fortunately this forum isn't as big as E90.

see above 1/4 results, and the 2 or 3 ST owners that have actually posted first hand experiences (hint: none glowing) and up to date information.. not one of those members are getting laughed at or put down, everyone, myself included wants to see the kits work perfectly, but so far for the $10k outlay, the continued performance and issues needs to be told to any potential customer

With the internet being how it is... someone goes 'oh single turbo i could go one of those'.. MOST buyers then go 'ok lets google how it performs (...) price.. hm should be good! (...) oh.... oh... (...) ... oh... well.. ok'.. if this were not to happen, they'd g straight out, buy it, and.. to put it bluntly, be dissatisfied.

so all in all, yes, i know the information i have (about this particular ST topic) is true, because it's coming from not only people in the industry, but people who own or have owned the kit.. They do say it's amazing on the highway, and when it's not having some sort of issue... but issue it has.

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