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You should do some research on how the JB came to be. The development of it only started because of the existence of the Procede (as a released product that was selling very well). Not only that, a good portion of the JB development was copied from the Procede, after the developers of the Procede worked out how to do things. I was one of those people working on what I believe was the first 335i in the USA in mid-late 2006. Since that time I have also been a key developer in:

* introducing CAN integration to N54.
* First to support upgraded turbos (and get records)
* Control of NOS from the tune
* Isolated boost control (requiring CAN) as is required with STs.
* Single turbo control (which is more than just boost control)
* Many other things.

I really did not want to go to that level of detail, but it seems I really needed to spell it out for you. You seem to be implying that the JB was in development before the Procede was. This was not the case. If you search this forum when Terry was still a member back in early 2007 you would see that.

It this "correct things as you see them" that bothers me. Just because you see things in a certain way does not mean that you actually know what you talking about.

Anyway, I am done with arguing with Flinchy. I should have known better. I keep thinking he must know this and that about the N54 community and its history..... and get proven wrong.