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Originally Posted by FactorX81 View Post
What good alternatives are out there for those who didn't get the factory SSK when it was available?
The 128i Performance SSK is still available(I think). The 135i Performance SSK is not.

I think you drive a 135i right? I would call around to various dealers. I am sure their must be a dealer with some old stock somewhere. Perhaps one dealer can check where the part is at another bmw dealership for you.

I just did a quick check on and while the SSk kit is not available... they DO still sell the Perf shift lever for a N54 135i...

#5 bmw p/n 25110434217

and the carrier #7 bmw p/n 25110434218

The only other parts you would need are:

(1) bmw p/n 25111220600
(2) bmw p/n 25117571899

135 Performance Short Shifter

I think another option would be to order the Performance shift lever for a 128i and try it in your 135i. Perhaps it would give you 90% of the feel of the 135i Perf SSK. ?

128i Perf shift lever p/n 25117542200

Or try a shifter from a Z3 3.0 or an e60 550i - both of those cars also have a great SSK. I did run a Z3M shifter in my old e36... but it was way too short and very high on shift effort. So I would stay away from that one. Some people here like their B&M ssk.

Here are some good pictures of the above shifters...

Name:  ssk  schalthebel.jpg
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shifters from top to bottom... 335i/135i stock, 128i BMP (which I take to mean BMW Perf ?), gold shifter ???, 128i stock, e60 550i (SSK), B&M SSK for the 135i, 135i stock shifter(N54)
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