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Originally Posted by 1and1 View Post
Installed my 1M rep bumper today with a set of 1M ducts replacing the fog lights. Feel free to ask questions and I'll answer best as I can.

Process and massive thanks to 714_1er and his install thread!
Saved me hours of work- What you see below took ~3 hours labor.

See attachments below, comments in order...

1) Starting point- You all know this 135 bumper

2) Bumper and original ducts removed

3) Headlight, hl washers and horn bracket removed, first horn mounted 1M style

4) Headlight washers removes and other horn mounted 1M style

5) Driver side ducting mount bolt & nut spacing. Pass side uses original mount points.

6) 1M ducts final mount & spacing

7) 1M ducts, horns mounted, HL washers removed, drivers headlight installed

8) Initial bumper test fitting... Yup, 'bout right

9) Yeah baby...

10) Yeah
Where did you purchase the 1m rep bumper from looks great