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Arrow Video: My BMW 1M Coupe Stolen in 3 Min as Part of Recent UK BMW Theft Spree Using OBD

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My BMW 1M stolen without keys in 3 minutes! This is a video of a 43,000 BMW 1M Stolen at 3am in 3 minutes. The thieves accomplished this by accessing the BMW OBD port in the footwell by breaking the glass, reaching in and using a device to reprogram a blank key fob. The car was simply then unlocked and pushed off the drive and driven away.

BMW doesn't seem to want to admit they have a problem, even though over 300 cars have been stolen in March 2012 in a single UK county.

Additional info by Dackelone:

+1 on posting this video. It is hard to watch. I even asked my local dealer about this... they were shocked to hear how easy it is to steal a modern day BMW.

Here is how they clone the key fob. These guys in Bulgaria sell this reader for 8K euros. I am sure there must be some cheaper Chinees (copied) scan tools out there!

and two other interesting videos...


this car is even a one series e82!

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