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Ride of the Century tools

Did anyone else get caught up in that bullshit yesterday? I was driving west on 40 with my wife coming back from a wedding downtown and we got swarmed by all these fuckheads. I was in the far left lane with cars infront, behind and next to me. These dickheads were passing inbetween me and the car next to me, on the shoulder, and doing fucking "sweet ass" stunts. I couldn't get out of the way cuz these faggots kept passing on all sides several bikes accross a lane. Thing that pissed me off the most is the little fucks that'd pass in the shoulder would kickup rocks into my M3.

I have ZERO sympathy for any of these pieces of shit who get killed doing this. These fucks cry and moan that cars don't pay attention to motorcycles, and then they pull off this kind of bullshit.