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Originally Posted by MrBlonde View Post
Good buy Steve! If my 135 was not my daily driver I would jump at the same modification.

From this point I would:

+ Pull the entire subframe apart, strip it and powdercoat it red (or some other colour that makes it stand out like dog's balls.

+ Replace every single bushing with a solid alloy piece. Try Turner Motorsports

+ Investigate CW&P ratio swap to 410
I think you should do it anyway Kenny. 300rwkw in your daily going to just one wheel....I could ask the guy I got mine from if can a 3.15 version for you

What would be the reasoning behind the the powdercoating? It looks pretty neat and tidy as is.

If I can save some cash when I purchase my coilovers, I might get the Turner diff mounts + subframe bushings.

Originally Posted by froop View Post
Just wondering, is it possible to get the M3 LSD without the entire subframe as opposed to getting a Quaife or other aftermarket LSD?
Yes, the guy I bought this off has a M3 diff by itself for sale for approx. 1000 euros. BUT, you cant just replace the 135i diff with the M diff as it requires the M half shafts and M drive shaft. M half shafts are thicker and stronger so if you can source them in addition to the M diff you wouldnt need the rest of the subframe.

Originally Posted by Pig Farmer View Post
Please let us know how that drive ratio works out. I suspect 1st gear will be good for only one thing... drawing 11s on the road. Good luck with the install and watch you ass the first time you get that thing out in the rain.
A member on here, Peter@Advan (Skycat) has done this same swap with his e92 335i. I tested his setup a few months ago and it was still extremely drivable in regular traffic but felt more 'urgent' when giving it the beans.