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Kenny, do you play any instruments?

I've got a musical past. Played various instruments as a young kid. Still play a few today.

Anyway, I'm in to all sorts of music:

Soft or Heavy Metal - Gotta love technical stuff. I also like sectional music, changes in time, layers, etc. I can appreciate how it's all been put together, where as others might think it's too noisy/annoying.

Hip-HopRap/RnB - just love a song with good bass. If it's catchy, I'll like it. I like rap, because you find some lyrical talent. Eg. I think Eminem and Bone Thugs & Harmony have some excellent lyrics. Listen to No Love - tells a story and honestly, I can't get over how good his verse is. The guy has natural flow better than anyone in the industry.

Jazz - Easy listening. I've played a bucketload of it. Love the expression and tones you can create given an instrument and mood. Whether it's Charlie Parker or Michael Buble.

Alternative/Electronic - It's different! Sometimes can be annoying (repetition of a basic riffs, etc) but I do like the way the synthesiser can potentially make something sound awesome.

Instrumental - Yeah I like that. Doesn't matter what it is. Drums, clarinets, oboes, violin, sax, piano, guitar, sitar, whatever. Even traditional instruments. Again, I can appreciate the pieces they play as have done it myself.

Indian/Bollywood - common, I'm Indian. It's only natural. (Although, yes, some of it is lame). But again, I like the structure & layers of some songs/music and the way it is written.

All in all, I'll listen to anything - old or new.

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