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As with all of Richard James's writing there are multiple layers to this. In the UK a "windowlicker" is a mentally retarded person. The literal translation from French for "window shopper" plays on he theme of the video where two guys are cruising for streetwalkers. The only lyrics of the song are "J'aime faire des croquettes au chien" .. or are they? The French Canadian pronunciation is not distinct. It could mean 'I like to make dog food and eat it" .. or it could mean "I like to engage in intimate relations with a dog".

Pure awesome.

Aphex Twin _Windowlicker_ (1999)

N: I hope we find some motherfuckin' bitches soon man, nixxa I'm horny as a motherfucker nixxa, you know what I'm saying' nixxa?
N2: I don't give a fuck homes!
N: I don't give a fuck neither nixxa! Not if we gonna find us some bitches man.
N2: I don't give a fuck!
N: I'm - motherfucker - we need to find us some hoes up in this motherfucker, man - for real. You know what I'm .. nixxa, what the fuck is you slowing' down for nixxa? Drive this motherfucker, fool. Roll nixxa, damn!
N2: Hey fuck you homes!
N: We'll get nowhere man, driving like a …
N2: Fuck you homes!
N: … driving like a little bitch, man you ain't drivin' Miss Motherfuckin' Daisy nixxa, just roll nixxa, shit. I get tired of rollin' with your slow ass nixxa just roll man. Something nice there - Oh, there goes some bitches right there. Oh Hell yeah! nixxa let's roll. It's on motherfucker, yeah nixxa! Damn I just can't wait man, nixxa horny as a motherfucker, man, dick all hard, nixxa. I'm ready to fuck, nixxa straight up, nixxa. I'm ready to get my groove motherfuckin' on you hear me nixxa?
N2: Hey fuck you homes!
N: nixxa quit slowing this motherfuckin' ride down, nixxa. What's wrong wit you fool? nixxa something wrong wit your motherfuckin' feet? Nixxa drive this motherfucker man just get the fuck to where we got to go nixxa.
N2: I don't give a fuck homes!
N: Damn. The fuck going on up in this bitch? Let me play my shit nixxer. This is my motherfuckin' tape up in this bitch. Shit.
N2: I don't give a fuck!
N: Hey shut the fuck up nixxa. Getting' on my motherfuckin' nerves nixxa.

N: Oh shit! Hey, nixxa, hey! Hey hey man, turn this motherfucking car around man, hey turn this muthafucker around fool! Oh shit. Oh yeah. Oh it's on nixxa, it's on up in this motherfucker man. Hey nixxa, nixxa come on man.
N2: All right fool.

N: Hey, what's cracking' bitch? What the fuck going' on up in this motherfucker?
H: Ooh. Not. Yo'. Broke. Ass. Nixxer!
H2: Ooh. Ooh. Ooh.
N: What up girl? Why I gotta be broke girl? What's happ'nin'? Why don't y'all ride wit us?
N2: What's happnin'??
H: Why? Cause you ain't nothing' but some broke crack nasty ass nixxaz you simple ass fool. Don't be comin' up talking your shit to me!
N2: Why the fuck you be talkin' like that, bitch?
N: Nixxa slow your road, you just drive nixxa ..
N: Girl you can get in, you can sit right here on my motherfuckin' lap and let's roll. Go to this party tonight ..
N: Hey nixxa, slow down nixxa … hold on man let me do this shit ..
N2: I didn't say nuthin' fool! What?
N … just slow down. Girl go on, get in this car girl, we can have a time, handle our bidness ...
N2: .. You doin' all the talking, fool …
N: .. nixxa just shut the fuck up nixxa …
N2: Shit, you shut the fuck up homes!
N: .. go on, get in the car girl so we can handle this bidness girl. You make a nixxa want to fuck girl! Get on in the car.
H: What!? You ain't got shit comin!!
H2: .. nothin' …
H: .. you ain't got shit comin! ..
H2: .. not a motherfuckin' thang ..
H2: .. nothing.
H: .. how you think I'ma talk to you wit your fake ass silver on, you can't even have gold on! What can you do for me?
N: Girl what the .. girl what the fuck is you talkin' about broke girl? You see something' broke about this girl?
H: Keep rollin'. You ain't got nothing' to offer me but your broke ass, and take your momma car home nixxa.
H2: Please!
N: Bitch don't try and diss me ho! Bitch don't try and diss me girl I'm a player girl for real! Player PLAYER, girl!
N2: Fuck that fool!
N: Hey nixxa shut the fuck up!
N2: No you shut the fuck up homes!
N: .. let me handle this bidness man! ..
N2: Man fuck you homes!
N: We ain't gonna get no pussy ..
N2: Man fuck that, I don't give a fuck!
N: .. ridin' wit your fuckin' broke ass nixxa!
H: nixxa you ain't gonna get no pussy no way …
N: … no girl ..
H: … ain't nobody want to talk to …
N: … no girl ..
H: … your broke drivin' ass. Look at you! Nixxer look at your hair!
N: Oh girl don't talk about my motherfuckin' hair! You didn't talk about my hair. Bitch …
H: Look at his hair! ..
H2: Your shit is whack!
H: .. nixxa you need to get something' done to your shit! ..
H2: You really do.
H: .. that's right! That's right. That's what I said nixxa. You ain't about shit and your hair ain't neither!
N: Bitch! Don't be actin' like no fuckin' stuck up ho …
N2: … think you all that? ...
N: ... like you're from Beverly Hills or some shit girl …
N2: … you think you all that bitch? …
N: … go on get in the car and let's roll.
N2: … hey what you talkin' 'bout bitch. What you trying' to diss me for fool? …
N: Fuck you holding' up? Girl don't be .. don't be putting' your motherfuckin' nose up in the air bitch …
N2: … yeah fuck that bitch …
N: .. hey nixxa slow down nixxa ..
N2: .. man fuck this bitch homes ..
N: .. girl go ..
N2: … bitch! ...
N: .. hey nixxa slow your motherfuckin' road fool …
N2: .. man who does she think she is?
N: .. slow your road nixxa, let me handle this ..
N2: … player fool why you want to talk to her? You a player, fool ..
N: … let me handle this ..
N2: .. stop talking 'bout me I heard that ..
N: .. girl get in .. go get in the fuckin' ride, get in the fuckin' car and let's roll and do this shit ..
N: .. nixxa just slow down and let me do this shit ..
N2: Hey fuck you homes!
N: .. girl we wants to fuck, you know what I'm sayin'? Get on in the car, go get some liquor …
N2: … damn what's up baby? ...
N: … and go get it on girl!
H: You simple ass nixxa, you better roll on
N: Look we don't ever get no pussy because of your stupid f'n ass
N2: Man fuck you saw you fool ...
N: .. you're such a fuckup man, man fuck that bitch …
N2: … yeah just 'cause you mad ..
N: … let's just roll …
N2: .. just 'cause can't get no play motherfucker ..
N: .. fuck .. you can't ..
N2: … just 'cause you can't get no fuckin' play …
N: ... nixxa you can't get no mo-
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