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Originally Posted by bNks334 View Post
Just wanted to update you TUN3D since you helped me out a bit. I did NOT need to buy a new washer fluid tank to fit kerscher +15mm Fenders. You DO need to buy 1m side markers and the gaskets though.

The washer fluid tank SHOULD be replace, but it's not 100% necessary if you can live with knowing the tank is pressing up against the side marker ever so slightly. I had to force the side-marker in, but it still mounted up fine and the force doesn't seem to stress the fender that much.

Thanks for the DIY on how to swap the pins on the plug! that was some invaluable knowledge to have when dong the retrofit!

My experience, if you have painted side markers then you might have a problem. The 135i tank will press against the marker over time, causing it to slightly deform (the marker housing is made out of plastic). Eventually this will cause the paint on the marker to loose adhesion and flake off. I wondered why the paint on my right marker kept flaking off and not my left. I finally replaced the tank and it never happened again.