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Originally Posted by BunkerJ View Post
Do you ever proofread what you type?

Look, if you want to troll, then so be it, man. You do you. No one in the thread is going to take you seriously at either rate. You failed to continue the discussion because it invalidated the basis in which you formed your opinion. This isn't my first time going through an argument. If you want to resort the personal attacks because you simply cannot have a normal discussion, then go for it! So if you want to nip that in the butt and continue an actual discussion, we can. Slinging shit at each other gets us nowhere.

As for the SA-20, let's start by clarifying that this system isn't anything new to the Syrian conflict. More systems, sure. The threat, not at all. Secondly, they weren't put in the hands of Syrians... No country would be so idiotic to allow someone as incompetent as Syrian SAM operators to touch a decent piece of equipment. They might allow them to see it, but none of them are operating it. They couldn't hit a Cessna.

As for Israel, good. I've always been on the fence with them. While I support their strikes of Iranian weapons being sent to LH, they aren't always correct. Israeli's have quite literally mastered the IDGAF attitude lol. That being said, if the Israelis have a decent awareness of where the SA-20s are located (In the IC, we always plot location and run a simulation to give us an idea of the radar propagation) then they won't be flying into that zone. Hell, even when Russia first sent those systems into Syria, even though there was an extremely low chance of them shooting it at us, we didn't even fly into the areas in which the SA-20 could reach.
You like assuming things and then argue to it
..anotherwords arguing with yerself
..its a pretty backward debating tactic putting words in the others guys mouth
but its also what you libterds like to do

noone said anything about the SA-20
if you followed developments in the ME you'd know that
its fairly ridiculous to discuss something like this with you when you need to be updated on basic developments..
the Israelis are taking the threat of deployments seriously
I mean seriously what world do you live in?
and then your posse which pretty much mirrors your ignorance..
RodgerDoger watever