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2012 N55 Electronic issues after driving in hard rain..Please help!!!

Hello everyone,

So I just started experiencing some issues this weekend after driving my car through some recent rare rainy weather in Socal and starting experiencing some weird issues with my ABS and basically all my lights (run lamps, turn signal, hazard, dome lights etc. This is all started when I first started losing my ABS and brakes were locking up, no lights or any warnings yet. Then the very next day while driving in the freeway all my warning lights came on and a I got a message about driver assist malfunction or something close to that telling me to stop driving the car and take to the dealer immediately. But the car itself was running perfectly normal aside from all the warnings and lights and did not feel at all like it was in limp mode. I get home and do not drive again until the very next morning. So this morning I start the car and everything is back normal again with no warnings, no ABS light all the same as before all the issues started. I get to work and Park thinking maybe the problem fixed itself until I take my car to go get gas on my lunch break and now the Red brake light warning stays on with hand brake released of course along with the ABS light and traction warning light and maintenance required light. I tried to check system controls on Idrive to see what warning or malfunction is going on but the screen is blank. The Cars seems to run fine and does not feel like its in limp mode but my headlights, turn signals, hazard lights and check control systems all do not work. While the car is running, My interior dome lights now stay on even with all the doors completely closed and when I lock and unlock the car I also noticed the beeping noise to let you know your locked/unlocked stopped as well. I'm not sure if any of these problems are related but I'm pretty dumfounded at this point and just hoping anyone might have experienced these symptoms or issues in the past. I have the Carly APP and will run later when I get home but need to update my software but just hoping I could get any input based on these symptoms. Please help!

Thank you