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Originally Posted by Newby View Post
^^ wow awsome swap to undertake man!!!

I think N54 powered E87 is the best swap around atm. In regards to JBE, the JB(junction box) itself should be fine, I wasnt sure whether the JBE(junction box electronics control unit) would need to be swapped. It would plug into the E87 JB tho if it was required. It was just a thought, Id be interested to know what you did here?

LOL about Key, I must have been having a moment... not sure what i was thinking haha. Just need FOB to match dme/cas, which im sure would come with your engine/half cut/wreck you would buy.
where abouts is the JBE located?... i found the part numbers/what it looks like blah blah.. i'm still trying to get the TIS software working, it's a huge PITA..

all i have here is the CAS module (6943830) and the DME (inc the white plastic box it sits in, 7604567 ) as well as the 335i dash cluster.. plus the fully wired up engine of course

and the key fob, yeah

the guy who did the full 1m style swap, there's no real 'details' on it, nor does he reply... everythign i do, will be well documented.. any hurdles i find, i'll put em on the internet for anyone else that wants to swap in an N54 >_<