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Last night my core Tokyo car friend group (1M, Cayman S, vintage Skyline, 911) met up at Tatsumi PA for our first gathering of 2019. In addition to the core we had two new additions: 308 GTB and Cayman GT4. With that collection of cars hardly anyone paid any attention to my 1M, and no one asked any questions or approached me with any comments. I must say that the weather was freezing cold so there were far fewer car owners and car gawkers than usual. Normally I'll get 2 to 3 knowledgeable gapers and inquisitors considering the 1M was never officially imported by BMW Japan and the best estimates are there are only around 30 or so in country.

On a small tangent I was quite surprised and pleased to have the GT4 owner offer to swap cars with me for a quick loop around the Tokyo freeways. Objectively I have to say that the Cayman GT4 is the more balanced precision driving machine, but following him in my Baby Beast had me fall in love all over again. The BB looks like a body builder on steroids, but moves in and out of traffic and around curves like the most elegant ballerina. There is only one thing that will ever sit in my one car garage.
One of my favorite drives with my 1M was in caravan of P-cars, Ferrari's, etc. and we had another black 1M with us. It was great to see the car from all angles - it does have a great presence on the road which cannot been felt while parked!