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Looking good PixelBlue. Here are my thoughts...

Turn 1). Use more of the exit. Sometimes it looked like you missed hitting the apex, other times you hit it well. But almost every time you are not rolling onto that little extra pavement(turn 2.) that joins the skid pad to turn 1. Use that little bit of the road as you exit turn 1 and slingshot out of it.

Turn 3). Why not use 3rd gear? You seems a little slow here. Then power out almost onto the alligator teeth on the exit. Then hug the center going down the hill.

Turn 4). The Chute... you can definitely go faster here. But as soon as the car straightens up you really need BRAKES NOW>! Going down the chute you should be close to flat out. At the top of the hill you can coast... but going down into it should be close to 90% throttle, then 100% braking into turn 5. When you do it right... you will be forced to the apex of turn 5 and then be pushed to the outer edge.

Turn 6a). this is a throw away turn. You are going too fast here. You should not get a lot of tire squeal here. Because you enter turn 5 so hard... you will be forced not to take the most ideal line... so don't worry about that. 6a is a write off... whats more important is setting up for 6b and gaining speed thru it and up the hill.

Turn 6b)... once you turn in here... you always want to be steadily on the throttle and building speed up the hill... not on off like you are. You want a gradual buildup. Its hard bc you can go too fast in the karosel and it will ruin your lap time. So take it easy in 6a, then always build speed thru out the following turns.

Turn 7). You have to turn in before you see the apex. This is where be steady on the throttle pays off. You don't want too much power too soon. You want a steady buildup of power thru up the hill.

Go under the bridge just slightly off to the right. A few times it looked like you would take the pit entrance. Try more towards the center or center right. Also the crown of the road here plays a role in the wet.

Turn 9). stay more to the left and then turn in fully to the apex. Stay off the curb. You can get into trouble fast here. And then unwind out onto the rumble strips aka alligator teeth. IF you every have to drive onto the dirt or drop one or two wheels off the road.. just ride it out! Don't be in a hurry to yang the car back onto pavement. MANY a car have been wrecked here by dropping half the car off the road and jerking it back on line. Just look at the pit wall guard rail for this evidence!

All in all a great drive by you. Hope this helps.