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I have not had much time to use the car these past few days, but I got about 150KM on them today.

A little back ground, I have had Dinan springs, KW CS, and Moton SS on this car. I daily drive it, and its my track monster, which sees about 8-12 events a year typically. The roads in Toronto are horrid, especially in the downtown core where I live.

The RS1s so far have been fantastic and the best suspension I have had on the car. They do a great job at soaking up the big and small bumps on the road while not feeling harsh at all. Im running 500/800 combo, I would def not go stiffer if you drive on bad streets though, I think its the limit unless you have high tolerance. I had initially set the front and rear at 3/3 clicks from full soft and stiffened it up a little and the ride got even better, hitting the sweet zone I guess. The car turns in and stay flat beautifully through a corner, really makes it effortless almost. Its hard to describe, but it almost makes the car feel lighter then it is, especially through fast speed corners.

I do have some noise from one front shock, but I knew that was a possibility and James@Bimmerworld told me beforehand about it and they will be replaced/fixed, so not worried about it.

My first track day on them will be April 1st. Im running -2.5 camber up front, -1.9 out back. 0 toe up front and 1/16th in the rear. Dropped about 1" all the way around.

So far very happy with the set up, but need some more time on it.

Big thanks to the guys at Bimmerworld. Excellent service and support.
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