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Originally Posted by MDORPHN View Post
Yes, happy with the balance I've achieved. Spring rates, at least for my butt, definitely not too stiff for the street. Ended up wth a drop of approx. 5/8"

Currently running 3 degrees camber in front and 2.2 in back. O toe in front and a bit of toe-in in rear. Haven't yet put a lot of miles on with these settings, but I expect tire wear will be ok. As you probably know, it's the combination of camber and toe that eats up tires.

Neil, I'm getting a set of AST 5100s installed at Vorshlag in a couple weeks and I'm trying to decide on spring rates. They use the Hypercoil front and Swift rear springs for most applications. Some of the combinations I'm looking at are 450F/672R; 550F/784R; or possibly the stiffer 600F/900R. I'm leaning toward the middle combination of these three. Yours is closer to the softer selection.

For occassional track days, maybe some auto-x, and mostly recreational driving, any suggestions based on these options? I'll probably have the car lowered just slightly.