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Originally Posted by Steph View Post
Ok thanks, so I understand with wireless kit and valve closed there is NO flow through outer pipes. Well in my case there is surely exhaust flow through outer pipes, maybe about 1/4th of the inner pipes flow or so. But I don't have the wireless kit, so I guess it is louder as the wireless kit with valves closed but surely not as load as in the sound clips with valves fully open.

As to stock vs. N55 mid; Iíve read so much about it on this forum, but I never found any comparison of akra slip-on with stock vs. N55 mid. Would be interested to hear oneís experiences. I run N54ís and would possibly consider doing N55 if itís really worth it, on the other hand I donít want to get in trouble with authoritiesÖ
I really don't think there will be any advantage (in terms of sound only) going to N55 midpipes. Dackel recently found that the N54 midpipes are not resonated, whereas the N55 midpipes are. So in all actuality, it may get quieter going to N55 mids.

For a point of reference, I have a stock (N54) mids on my 1M + Akra slip-on with no valve kit (always open) and I think it sounds great. I could probably go even a bit louder.