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Originally Posted by Steph View Post
In my case the installer told me that they partly opened blocking plate, and indeed the outer pipes do have exhaust gas flow, although not as much as inner pipes.
A permanently semi-muzzled Akra ? Man, that's some sort of aural chastity !

Except if mistaken, every Akra forum fellow over here either got the wireless kit (to zap at will between "open valve" and "closed valve" mode ) or got the blocking plate completely removed (permanent loudness) ( From what you say, I believe to understand that getting the wireless kit seems the right thing for you. In "closed valve" mode (no exhaust flow through the outer pipes) the Akra sound is actually quite similar to the stock OEM sound. Static noise level at 3750 rpm is the same (81 dB). In "open valve" mode (exhaust flow through the outer pipes too) it's, uh, pretty impressive.

Originally Posted by flzrider View Post
I really don't think there will be any advantage (in terms of sound only) going to N55 midpipes. Dackel recently found that the N54 midpipes are not resonated, whereas the N55 midpipes are. So in all actuality, it may get quieter going to N55 mids.
The N55 midpipe will get you a slightly improved sound (+ a few extra hp) compared to the N54. No secondary cats (N55) = less exhaust flow restriction. (N55 midpipe) (N55 midpipe DIY installation process)

IMHO N55 + Akra = doing justice to the 1M.
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