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Originally Posted by flzrider View Post
What I was trying to point out is that the 1M's N54 midpipes have cats, but no resonators, whereas the N55 midpipes have no cats, but does have a resonator. Cats, of course, restrict flow and resonators quiet down sound. So all other things remaining equal, it seems logical there will not be a major upgrade in terms of sound if one were to go from N54 to N55 midpipes on their 1M. If you have a video clip or objective data that proves otherwise, I'd love to see it as I wouldn't mind getting a small sound (and HP) bump on my current exhaust setup.
Hp/Tq gains are undeniable though modest; BUT, because all those additional horses appear to be running upper in the rev where you need them most, makes this swap to N55 mids worthwhile. Plus, there is a noticeable gain in throttle response, some members like Advevo who made merely this swap and no other mods (simultaneously) in the past have posted precisely this gain; that especially on/off/on throttle response is better with N55 mids, probably more so with default mode and not the M button pressed. Again, there is undeniable easing of the stock drone problem and in some cases eliminating it all together. I enjoy all these effects every day and the price seems like a bargain when you take into consideration what you take back.

Now the sound: I agree with you that soundwise the difference is probably small for most unless they have very sensitive ears, especially smaller than wonderful Maddads which have a distinctive and aggressive sound. But this is why I always advice the N55 mids to people who will match them with DPs and/or a loud rear muffler because they sure have all the other benefits in full and it seems like a better idea for me to preserve the sound characteristics of whatever muffler you choose to go with rather than either diluting the sound of that muffler and also of the Maddads or other brand mid pipes to that effect.

On the other hand, if the goal is to maximize the sound with less drone without also installing an aftermarket muffler or a DP, then N55 are NOT the best solution since imho they are "silent achievers"