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Originally Posted by bd307 View Post
Went out to Coronado Island during the Thanksgiving weekend. Been hearing some great tuna action this late in November this year so thought would give it a try.

Got hooked up to a Bluefin and fought for around 10-15 min with 60 lb test line. Seal took my meal at the end. What a bummer! Another dude on the boat got a 21 lb Bluefin.

Have you guys been to La Paz or other Baja area for tuna action during Jan/Feb? Not sure how the weather is like over there during those months.
Went to Cancun in the summer, just outside of sailfish season. I chartered a boat for the bachelor party for my bro-in-law. While we did catch a buzz, and quite a bit of sun, there weren't many fishes on the end of our lines.

Got my brother's boat back out of the water yesterday to get the trim fixed. I put a new jack, and redid the lights, but not going anywhere NEAR those wheels. He wants to get the trailer all set up so we can drive down to San Diego. Has a reciprocal with a dock down there to leave it 3 weeks at a time.