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Originally Posted by Z K View Post
As Law says, pretty accurate.

China is using its powers to coerce Taiwan to join mainland China. It's kinda a "carrot and stick" approach.

China uses it's soft power such as offering special work visas to Taiwan people to work in China, offering funding for Taiwan private companies to open shop in China to get Taiwanese people to like China. Using media such as entertainment - social media, movies, music to show a unified China to younger generations.

It also uses the stick, things like going after private companies to only refer to the one China, not letting Taiwan fly their flag at the Olympics, not letting Taiwan participate in the WHO, and going after foreign governments to not recognize Taiwan.

And in the end, if it doesn't work... China will resort to military invasion. To which the US has committed to protect Taiwan... but who knows what the US will do in such a situation - especially now that China is the world's #2 military power. There's many articles on how such a military operation will occur... Taiwan, despite having modern US military technology and training (M1A2 tanks, AH64E helicopters, F16 fighters etc), can not repel the huge numbers and budget that China can field. Most likely defenses will collapse in days without US assistance.

Of course military action is probably distant, but it's a real threat. That's why Taiwan maintains a active military with a mandatory draft for all men after high school. They run invasion drills and practice tactics to repel Chinese invasion.
All the Taiwanese need is a credible deterent threat that would ensure huge Chinese casualties. The Chinese will not invade unless success is ensured. They (the communists) can't afford to lose face on the domestic front. And the Taiwanese would be HUGELY more motivated than any Chinese army recruit storming Taipei. They would have their hard earned freedom to lose.
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