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Originally Posted by Z K View Post
This article is about internet streamers... but the article mentions "Red Army heroes" during the Nanjing massacre. WTF?

That is truly scary that Chinese people actually think the Communists were a part of the battle at Nanjing. The real heroes was the KMT Nationalist army that fought and died at Nanjing against the Japanese.

The Communists were running away and nearly annihilated when the Japanese invaded. It was the Japanese that saved the Communists from defeat because the Nationalists had to change direction and focus on the immediate threat. Fighting the Japanese drained the Nationalist forces and allowed the Communists to build up to ultimately defeat the Nationalists.

It is another sign of the CCP twisting history to show themselves in a favorable light. And the Chinese public seems to follow the brainwashing.
100%...I can't stress this enough.
The Communists have, for several generations now, propagated the lie that they were instrumental in the resistance against the Japanese.
When in reality, they were nothing but a small group of bandit rebels, hiding in the hills and "armpit of the nation" areas, their forces nearly depleted.
The brunt of the war was fought by the Nationalists.
Unfortunately, so were the socio-economic consequences.
Wartime = famine and despair and this was an easy way for the Communists to call the Nationalist government inept and slowly gain numbers in the shadows
After the war with Japan, the Communists, with captured Japanese equipment & covert Soviet support, would wage war against tired Nationalist soldiers who had just finished fighting against Japan and just want to go home.
If anything, the Japanese invasion was what ultimately saved the Communists and doomed the Nationalists.

Originally Posted by Real Dodger View Post
Ironically, I've read that many Germans helped shelter chinese in the city during the incident.
Absolutely. There were lots of foreigners present in Nanking at the time (since it was the capital of the Nationalist Gov't).

Not only that, but even more ironically, the Germans (i'm talking Nazis) were instrumental in the modernization of the Chinese Nationalist forces.
There was some very close cooperation between the two.
Hitler Youth and Nazi advisers alike were often invited to China.
If you look at all the elite Chinese divisions from the era, you'll notice their equipment are sourced directly from the Wehrmacht, most notably their helmets. Of course, the end goal was supposed to be for these elite divisions to be used against the commies, but in the end, they died as heroes fighting against the Japanese.
Remember, the Second Sino-Japanese war began before WWII broke out in Europe. So for a few years, ironically, Nazi Germany was actually training and advising the Chinese Nationalist armed forces on how to beat the Japanese in battle.

In fact, Hitler spoke of the Chinese and Japanese as "Honorary Aryans" and did not necessarily see them as "inferior.
But, Hitler needed to choose an Asian power to team up with, particularly one that could give the Soviets more than just a bloody nose in the Far East...eventually, he would choose Japan and due to the Second Sino-Japanese War, was forced to cut off cooperation with Nationalist China.

Chiang Kai-shek's own [adopted] son, Chiang Wei-kuo, was sent to Germany to study at the Wehrmacht's military academy and later served as a soldier in the Wehrmacht.
In fact, he even commanded a Panzer unit during the Anschluss of Austria and was due to serve in the Invasion of Poland, before eventually getting recalled to China.

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