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Originally Posted by nachob View Post
Yes I keep looking at Porsche's I just don't like the 911 that much. The butt is too big. I think it's a generational thing. The older guys like bigger rounder rear. I like a little smaller more athletic rear so I tend to prefer the Cayman. Right now the 2014-2016 Naturally aspirated Cayman is tops on my list. While not hydraulic steering the NA motor makes up for that and the athletic lines are a turn on. Don't get me wrong as I get older the fuller rears look a little better than before but I still prefer more athletic ones.
Well youíre right that the 911 has kind of become a GT and the Cayman more the purist car. Like I said, we love our 718. Nice size very similar to the 135 in that regard. Much better balanced though.

I think you should look at a 718. While I like the 981...they are almost identical, the 718 just has more usable power on the street. You really have to drive in the upper rpms to hear the sweet song of the 981 and feel its power. I have torque down low on the 718. Itís just a better animal IMO. With that said, for the right price, Iíd definitely drive a 981 GTS.