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Originally Posted by Schwarzschild Radius View Post
I've looked at snopes and politifact many times. I have not run across any inaccuracies yet. But MK is saying this as he defends Project Veritas.
How in the world would you know if you ran across an inaccuracy? You go in looking for something, see it, copy and paste it without ever thinking about its accuracy. They're wrong all the time, you just don't care about knowing.

Politifact got popped for claiming FALSE just the other day*. They don't research worth a crap. Pundifact, their sister company iirc, is even worse. Snopes? Stop it. Just stop it.

They're latest:

* That conservative black man, something Elder, made four claims about Democrats and slavery. Politifact rated each claim FALSE. He corrected them on 3 and admitted he missed 1. They finally changed their 3 FALSE ratings.

And this was just last week. Jeez.

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