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Best pad I have EVER used! Hands down! They are pricey, but excellent. You can control the pressure so nicely and peak braking forces feel very high. They weren't too on the street for me even during the cold NY winter. For daily use and weekend HPDE events I think they will be difficult to beat.
Have you tracked with these pads? Also any noise issue for street use?
I have not, sorry. I never had the opportunity to. I presume that they would perform well with LIGHT track duty, but if you are really hard on your brakes and your favorite track has long straights and heavy braking zones I bet you could get them to reach their limit like any aggressive street pad. I have pushed them as hard as they could be pushed on the street with no hiccups at all. They make little to no noise in comparison to the HP+ pads that I have also used.

Would they be dual purpose pads for you? How hard on the brakes are you? I think given proper cooling you could push these brakes pretty hard without them giving up on you.

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