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Originally Posted by HP Autowerks View Post
Ferodo DS2500 is a club race pad that can be used on the street and for light track use. This compound produces some noise on the street, but retains good cold friction, and has an MOT of around 1,000 degrees F. It also has 35% less compressibility than competitive products, giving it very good pedal feel and modulation characteristics. DS2500 has an average friction level of approximately (0.50) which remains constant at any speed, and at any temperature up to 1,000 F.
I'm on my second set of Ferodo ds2500. They're exactly how you described them.
Thre're a good compromise for hard street use and light trackdays.
They have a cold friction comparable to stock pads.

If track use is the score, I recommend PAGID. Expensive but the best on the market.

We use Ds3000 on rally cars gr.N. Good for hard street use but they're too aggressive on rotors and wheels.