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Originally Posted by KingOfJericho View Post
The cars you drove before the 2013 could feel more nimble, for sure. I've had a bit of seat time in the STI and it feels fast and light. I had a GTI that also felt very quick despite really not being quick at all. This was due to the single turbo kicking in a little higher in the RPM range and throwing you back more than the linear delivery on the 135i would. I have never been in a JCW but I suspect the same to be true there.

G37 and 335i can feel a little piggish when compared to a 135i.

I think we've solved the issue. Now, go out and rent a Dodge Caliber. After a day in that car, go test the 135i again and let us know what you think.
Haha, good point!

P.S. I wanna make it clear that my OP wasn't meant as a piece of criticism towards the 135i. I just thought there might be subtle midyear changes that I wasn't aware of.