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Originally Posted by xxx_mina View Post
is this all theories or has someone actually tried 275/35-18 and failed miserably????

also these will be track(drag) tires only.... so iam gonna be running them on low pressure (should fix curve issues) and i will defenetly look out for these problems before i put them on the car..... also my car is stock hight... so taller tires shouldnt be a problem in anyway...

just give me a week and i'll tell you if they are good or not... i've done 265/35/18 on my 335i with no problem... so we'll see what happens with 275/35/18....
They will work for drag purposes, but from a handling, wear and grip perspective using rims that are too narrow may cause you to have less grip, worse handling and higher tyre wear compared with a narrower size of the same tyre that is a correct fitment for the rim.