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Originally Posted by fusion01 View Post
"In addition to its duties as a safety system, the DSC system on the 135is is programmed specifically to enhance performance-oriented driving." - not the case on the stock 135i where it's a f$#$king pain in the ass and must be deactivated each and every time I start my engine. And on the track if one forgets it intervenes so often that it will overcook brakes - DSC system freaks out and wants to visit mummy (whom resides at the dealers). It's a cock-up, I want DTC activated by default.
If they altered the DSC settings for the iS, then that will be a great improvement for performance driving that still includes some protection.

The new F30 335i in sport+ mode includes a very nice DSC/DTC setting that really lets you play and hang the rear out farther than with the 135i in DTC mode. In the 335i I set it to sport+ and the rear end if very lively.
At the apex I gave a nice wallop of throttle and the rear slid out sweetly, I stayed on power, the DSC reeled it back in much more smoothly compared to my 135i in DTC mode.
In my 135i, in DTC, the rear slides out, but when the DSC kicks in it's much more aggressive as it "snaps" the rear back into place.
In the F30 335i, the motion is much smoother and more graceful.
The feeling is so much nicer and begs you to do it again.

It that programming in in the 135iS it'll be really sweet.

I don't get BMW with their interior options lately.
The 135iS gets blue highlight stitching if you get black leather. Ok.
But, what if you get a red exterior color? The blue stitching will match nothing, and frankly will look odd and out of place.

I LOVE those new wheels!
I wish I could get those for my ordered 335i Msport.