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Originally Posted by 4thM3 View Post
Forgot to ask how they are for dust and squeal. Would they make a good everyday pad or just track?
Harold has an awesome deal on these! He shipped a set to me recently in time for my HPDE this friday and so far so good! The dust is moderate, however to my surprise I found it completely rinses right off with a hose!

I drove them 3 hours out of state for work this monday. Because they are full track pads there are no clips and no soft/rubber backing to them. The only time they squeal is with very light brake application at sub 7mph speeds and warmed up (ex. coming to a stop light). Its my understanding these squeal much less than the 01's and are much less abrasive on your rotors (In fact less abrasive than stock pads). You may be able to combat the squeal with CRC Brake Quiet if you follow the instructions and let it cure for 20 minutes before installing the pads. Personally, I can live with it until friday when I go to Lime Rock!

All in all, GREAT deal on these sweet track pads and a GREAT vendor!