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Originally Posted by Dackelone View Post
^^+1 to what Lester has said.

Here is an old post of mine explaining option #840 "increased speed limiter".
AND the two M sport options...

BMW M-sport option code 840 increased top speed limiter (speed synchronisation)…

When ordering a new 2010 135i there are TWO sport options. (I think this was also the way it was for all model years: '08-'11's)

ZMP option code: $1,300 (Miltary Sales price) (can not be ordered with ZSP!) which includes

2MR 18" double spoke wheels #261M
337 M-sport pack, door strips in M, shifter & hand brake all M
481 Sport seats
710 M-sport steering wheel
760 Shadowline trim
775 Anthracite headliner (black)
840 Increased top speed limiter

the "other" sport option is this one: ZSP

ZSP Sport option $1,100 (mil price)

481 Sport seats
710 M-sport steering wheel
760 Shadowline trim
840 Increased top speed limiter

So... for a measly $200 you get the nice Anthracite headliner, M-double spoke wheels (same size as standard car though), M door sills and shifter/brake. I went with the ZMP on my car. I order my car thru Military Sales program. I think the US options were a $200 each more. ? I think the ZMP option is more rare from what I have seen over here. I had to special order my car the way I wanted it.

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Top speed limit (elec.) on the 135i
I actually prefer the 264 wheels and the matching headliner. May consider getting the M pedals and door sills, but also don't want to be an "M wannabe". Also, from my understanding the suspension on both are the same.
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