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Talking E87 120i - No Crank, No Start Issue

Good Evening Everyone,

This is my first post so I hope I do it correctly

So I managed to pick up a 120i E87 very cheaply as a none runner. The Car is in quite a state. Body work, Silicone gasket maker all over the place, wheels make a noise, rat droppings and fur under the hood and to top it off of course doesn't Crank

The previous didn't give me too much info on the vehicle other than he spent a lot of money on a backyard company that ripped him off and has now shutdown. I have an Electronics and Programming background and thought that I could take on this project as I do love a challenge. I will share some pics of her soon.

Together with the car I received a new wiring harness for under the hood (Installed Already), and a DME, CAS and Keyfob that was originally in the car.

From what he told me the DME, CAS, Keyfob and Footwell Module have all been replaced, As well as the VVT Motor.

Currently I have 13 Active faults on the vehicle (There were more but I have started sorting them out 1 by 1). My questions are:

1. Are there any Faults on a BMW that prevent the car from cranking, or will they only prevent the start from occurring?
2. What prevents the CAS module from sending the Starter signal, in terms of interlocking? Is this purely based on Alignment between Modules and Key?

I notice also that this car has no IBS on the Battery and also the Vehicle Read Status on INPA indicates a Battery Voltage of 61,425V

More information in case this helps: The keyfob is recognised by the Car, however it doesn't operate the central locking. I've had a look on INPA and the key i have (Only 1) is listed as Key9, Passive Access ID, Key is Valid, Key is Inserted, Key is Locked, Key is Used, Key is NOT Blocked, AutoInit is ON.

When I have a look at the status of Initialised Keys, Key 1,2,3,4,10 Are initialised. The rest are not.

On the CAN signal Ignition/Key window when I insert the key and press START, The Status Clamp 50 stays off. The key is valid, Key 9, Status Immobilisation system is FREE. Status keylock is Not Active. Status Passive Access is Not Active.

Here are a List of fault according to Module, I've already looked all of them up, just adding them in here In case someone thinks that one of them is perhaps preventing my Crank condition.

DME 2A61, 2E7C, 2EBE
DSC 9520, 5DE0

Sorry for so many questions and info, I just wanted to lay it all out there. I plan to restore this beauty into Top condition!

Thanks in advance!

*** EDIT: Found today that the CAS and DME and FRM Modules all had different VIN numbers. I've corrected it and matched them to the Car's VIN. Still no success.

How Do I align the DME and CAS using INPA or NCSExpert? Iv'e been reading about FA/VO and ISN numbers. Could this have anything to do with it?


*** EDIT AGAIN: Okay, Latest update... I managed to align the DME and CAS in INPA. Terminal50 Active, but still no cranking. Pulled the intake out of the car and checked the Signal to the starter solenoid, signal was present at the solenoid but no cranking. Replaced starter and she turned over fine.

Car idled very rough and kept dying. Codes for Misfire appeared on Cyl2 and 3 and also Thermic Oil sensor. Replaced Eccentric Shaft sensor and it cleared the VVT errors. Replaced coils and spark plugs and now only left with cylinder 3 misfire. Measured the signal going to the coil and its a constant 5V with no pulsing. Checked the cable to the DME and all was okay. This leads me to believe that the MOSFET for this coil in the DME might be faulty.

Ordered the MOSFETs in the meantime. I have a donor DME that I have opened yesterday evening and will be using its MOSFETs.

On the agenda tonight... Replace Oil Level Sensor, Replace Steering Angle sensor, Test MOSFETS on the DME and replace if faulty.


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120i, cas, cranks but won't start, dme, e87

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