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      08-10-2012, 08:49 AM   #1
SCCA B Street
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Scca A Stock Pro-solo/nationals Thoughts

The end of the 1m vs m3 thread we started talking about the Pro-Solo and National Tour final so I am breaking it out into its own thread.

A Stock Nationals Car Breakdown

Letís start with a look at the cars (I need some help with tire sizes)

1M ~3300 2.0 3 3 265/295
C5 ~3200 2.0 2 2 ?
Cayman ~3000 2.0 1 1 ?

1M: 40mph to 60mph acceleration, the car will turn/rotate, sight lines are great, 75mph 2nd gear

C5: known setup, cheap parts (compared to the other cars), drivers in sorted cars for a couple of years

Cayman: light weight, more tire, king of the slalom

The Cayman was being pushed as the best A Stock car (and it maybe). We will not know about it this year in the Pro-Solo as the field is Matt vs the Vetts. Matt has been off the pace in his two events. Matt was .7 a day back in the 1st pro with only r comps. In the 2nd Pro, Matt had the car built out and was only .3 for the event behind the winner from the 1st Pro (Paul Kozlak). So, Matt has a chance to trophy in the 1M at the Pro. There are only 7 entries but no one sucks. The other drivers in the field are in sorted cars that they have been driving for a while. Matt is probably gotten 50 to 70 in the 1M now and is probably starting to feel at home.

Pro courses are slalom and sweeper at the end for the most part at most of the stops. At Lincoln this will not be the case. The lot is SO BIG that the course can have some different elements that slalom down, tight sweeper, slalom back, which will give the 1M a lot more chance. Anywhere there is above 60 mph driving the 1M will have a chance and anywhere there is above 69mph the 1M will not have to change gear. At the finales I bet there is at least one place that Matt will be able to make it to the top of 2nd that other cars are having to go to 3rd. While at a typical Pro the 1M has to overcome its two weaknesses . At the finale it may have some elements that work for it.

Matt, letís have some thoughts on how the car stacks up in the Pro with the Vetts.

The Tour has 16 drivers (last I looked) and what was a small class the last few years is as large as most of the classes. It will have 5 trophies and there are at least 10 guys that could claim them. Matt and I are the only 1Mís in the field of C5 base model vetts and Caymans. The class looked pretty open when I bought my car but has become kind of top heavy.

Depending on the course I think the cars have a chance to trophy. Nationals will be a little more open courses that have speed and that lets the 1M have a chance.

Last yearís A Stock winner

My random thoughts on the my chances at the Tour

I did not get out and run enough events in the car this year to sort the car. I am honestly just hoping for mid-pack but that also takes all the pressure off to just go and have fun. When my co-driver backed out and I did not get to run 2 or 3 of the weeks leading up to the tour, I started not to go. Then I decided to just go and have fun. I have no expectations at this point. I really felt like I could get out and run enough to have a chance to trophy in what looked like an open class (as open at nats gets). I also felt like my co-driver would have a chance to win the class.
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      08-10-2012, 09:27 AM   #2
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I have back to back seat time in my 1M vs my friend's Cayman S. He and his car are quick, and he'll be on in the trophies at nationals this year in all likelihood. We were deciding if we should bring his Cayman or set up my 1M for nationals this year, but unfortunately I didn't have the time to mount an attempt of any kind this year.

The traditional paper/ rock/ scissors battle between the Vette and the Cayman is:

Vette has the advantage on the power course. The Cayman kills it in braking, turn-in and slaloms, so it wins the handling course, and depending on the courses it maybe wins overall.

The 1M turns in almost as well as the Cayman, brakes almost as well (much better than the Vette), but has the power to run with the Vette on the straights. So in theory you'd think it's the best of both worlds and has the field covered. However the 1M has two big weaknesses- slaloms/ transitions and putting power down.

The 1M being competitive depends on the ability to solve these two issues. If you can get power down out of the corners you'll hang with the Vette on the power course. If you can improve the transitions you'll get close to the Cayman on the handling course.

I don't believe it's possible to put power down or transition as well as the Cayman. CG is too high, too much polar moment, not enough weight over the back wheels regardless of the tires you run. However with the right shock package maybe you can get close. If you do, I think the 1M becomes the top dog in AS. However I don't know if any of the 1Ms running this year have the damping dialed in well enough to make it this year. It'll be interesting to see...

1M, GT4, 1969 Porsche 911 w/ 997 GT3 Cup Motor (435hp & 2,100 lbs)
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      08-12-2012, 09:54 PM   #3
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Me prepping today:
It's eight pics.
Matt Murray

I am perfectly capable of learning from my mistakes. I will surely learn a great deal today.

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