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EFA - Museum Für Deutsche Automobilgeschichte



Tel.: +49 (0) 8075-8141
Fax: +49 (0) 8075-1549

Entrance price Eight euros
The museum is open daily from March 27th until Nov 7th
Open times are: 10am until 6pm
CLOSED on MONDAYS (like most museums in DE/Europe)

The museum also runs a small Café/Restaurant inside the museum building. And they have a very nicely stocked gift shop: many car models and books! Downstairs inside of the museum they also have a nice model train railroad. I don’t know why… but model trains and cars seem to go nicely together!

In continuing my German auto museum tour… here is a museum worthy of a visit! Any car nut would be happy here. I think I need to think up some catchy phrase like Dackel’s Auto Museums of Germany? I would rate this museum, a four out of five stars.
The EFA Museum is located just outside of Munich near the Chiemsee area. Chiemsee would make a great day trip for anyone doing a Euro Delivery. Chiemsee has a wonderful back drop of the Bayerische Alps and there are two little islands in the huge lake there. On one of them is a beautiful mini version of the Palace of Versailles, that King Ludwig built as his summer residence. You can also rent small boats here and it is just a lovely place to go visit. In near by Amerang, is where the museum is located. The museum is about an hour away from Munich. EFA has over 220 autos on display.
EFA stands for Ernst Freiberger Automobilgeschiechte. Ernst was a backer by trade and owned a very profitable frozen pizza business/empire in Germany. His hobby was collecting cars. There is a small bust/memorial of Ernst as you pass thru the turn style at the entrance of the museum – it is a very low key nod to the man and his museum. For more historical info on Ernst Freiberger you can read more here:

The museum is very nice and clean and has a simply design to it. What I really like is how they don’t gloss over the “rough parts” of German history. Far too many German museums ignore the pre and post WWII era. Ie: Hitler’s time in power. I remember with a chuckle how when I was at Wolfsburg (years ago) and touring the factory there… how our tour guide said… “Ja… und in zee 1944 to 1948 we had to remodel our factory”! YEA… RIGHT!!!! Remodel my butt!!! Lol What I liked about EFA’s Museum is they have this little “Hall of Shame”… showing post WWII cars with big posters(behind the cars) of their respective auto factories - all bombed out and in ruins. You really get the big picture (pun intended) of all the hurdles the Germans had to over come after the war. And look at how far they have come! I also liked that EFA was not afraid to show some of the car badges and awards of those Hitler years in Germany. It makes for a more colorful impression of the German car culture back then.
The museum really does have a nice collection of pre and post war autos from ALL German manufactures. I really liked their small car collection of post war cars. Those really small two stroke mini cars like Isetta’s, GoGo Mobiles, Messerschmidt’s and other small German companies. I think most kids would want one of those for themselves!

IF you would like to see all my photos of the museum - you can look at them here:

Ok, well… here are my photos. Enjoy!

Small homage to Ernst Freiberger as you walk into the museum…

Germany’s Greats…
(L to R) Gottlieb Daimler, Karl Benz, Wilhem Maybach, August Horch, Nickolas Otto, Rudolf Diesel, Robert Bosch, Felix Wankel.

Don’t worry P-fans… Ferdinand has his own memorial that we will see later!

Gotlieb Daimler and his motor cycle in 1884!

The first car… 1886 also from Dailmer…

Ohh what treasures await us!

Horns and Lights…

Car club badges and awards…

Old cars… the first big display hall…

Gotta love the artwork on the walls!

And this one too – ME 262 jet…

And the next big hall…

Wood burning car – pre war(II)…

Old gas station and a kubel wagen…

Some nice Daimlers…

Mercede’s idea of a Volkswagen people’s car… Lucky Hitler did not approve of it!

On the right side are ALL BMW’s!!!

I liked the artwork that went along with the cars on display…


Gotta love those curves…

And then for us Techno heads… Mmmm….

Porsche 993 drive train and cutaway 959 in back!

993 C4…


VW Golf engine… exploded!

Early Quattro drivetrain Audi 80 (4000)…

6,930 parts in a Golf II, GL 90hp model!

Service EVERY 1,500 kms and EVERY 8,000 kms – look at how long we have come baby!

Another hall…

A car you can climb up into and take a pano photo with!


One BIG and FAST MB!!! 600SEL

You can (just!) see my TiAg 1-er at the end of the hall…

The small cars are coming…

But first…. check out this BMW gem!!!

Anybody know what it is?

Hint… made in the DDR… the Russian idea of a BMW car! lol

More DDR autos…


And now the little cars… I love this one!

Btw the Opel club came out to visit…

Old German gas station…

Do any of you remember when the oil crisis hit (1973 ?)… the price of gas was so high the pumps could not calculate the high-er prices… so they read HALF of the real price! The note reads, actual pump price is DOUBLE of what you pump!

And today’s pump prices are roughly 3.00 D-marks per liter!

And the Hall of Shame (right side)….

Volkswagen in Wolfsburg…

Opel in Russelheim/Frankfurt…

Ford in Cologne...

MB in Stuttgart...

BMW in Munich...

And Audi in Heilbron…

Some interesting cars…

NSU (Audi) Ro80, a wankel power first…

Glas 1700 BMW… Q). Does anyone have some info on this car?

DKW (now part of Audi)…

Something weird…

And now… for some SWEET bimmers… MMmmm…

The real deal… M1…


Audi’s first super car for the street… Sport Quattro!

The final Hall…

And the best for last… I can’t help but love these P-cars…


924GTP LeMans racer… this became the 951 (944Turbo)…

The mighty 935 racer…

The first of the Cup cars…

Porsche’s ill fated Indy car…

Ferdinand Porsche…


BMW F1 car…

And just when you think you are finished… trains!!!

Back upstairs the Boxen Café and Gift shop…

Gift Shop…

The humble museum entrance...

The museum is in a residential area… it really looks to have grown out of someone’s passion of car collecting!

The End…

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Thanks so much for all your posts David! I feel like I'm getting an exhaustive weekly tour of all the coolest museums in Germany. My productivity is definitely suffering at work due to your exploits!

Awesome Porsche display...

"I will tell you there is a big difference between driving money and driving blood, sweat and tears." - PorscheGuy79

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Location: Bayern, Germany

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Still... one of my all time favorite private auto museums in Germany. I need to go back for another visit. This museum is at the foot hills of the Bavarian Alps in the Chiemsee area.
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