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Originally Posted by Stohlen
I just dont understand why people want to take a car dedicated to performance and handling, and slam it as low as possible or stretch the tires so far you can see the inside of the rim... essentially take all of the handling away from the car. Its like you're castrating your well endowed car...
Well, for me.. I CAN lower it below reasonable height (just a bit), to look a tad nicer

Then 20 minutes later (literally) raise it back up for max performance (and speed bumps lol)

I have 245's on my rear 9.5" wheel, it's a bit stretched but it's reasonably what fits on it, (minimum, is road legal), and was cheaper than 255's and closer to the front 235 for handling reasons) and i purchased it like this as it's guaranteed not to rub. Won't be this setup for long anyway.. The stretch for me doesn't hurt performance though, traction is a-ok - spending $500 on 8.5 wheels for the rear too, isn't worth it lol

That accord is crazy though lol.

The major issue with a tiny bit of stretch is the wheel lip has no protection.. Scrape city

Also, the subframe damage to that subie wouldn't just be from being really low, i know guys with <20mm ground clearance and zero damage

That's from cut/ground/compressed springs and mismatched dampers, bottoming out and bouncing around constantly - NOT from winding coilovers down and stiffening dampers. Unless they were a $250 set, then it's no better than cut springs